‘You take your own buy lions’ – Netizens blast Cheddar for calling on Kanye to save Ghana

According to Bloomberg, Ghana’s Cedi has become the worst-performing currency in the world.

Similarly, Kanye West is also been facing economic woes as some of his business partners like Adidas among others are cancelling their multi-million partnerships over some controversial statements he made.

Reacting to this, Freedom Jacob Ceaser, has issued a statement to the American rapper, Kanye West. In a Tweet, he told Kanye that the IMF and World Bank have also been holding Africa at ransom and his investment will make a change.

@kanyewest IMF and the world bank are holding countries at ransom for economic crisis in Africa Ghana my country is one of them,” he said and added that “my advice for you is if they don’t want your billions in their banks then use some of the funds to save countries in Africa with currency depreciation“.

In the latest publication by Steve Hanke, a Professor of Applied Economics and Director of the Troubled Currencies Project in the United States, the cedi is among the seven worst currencies in Africa.

Accordingly, Freedom Jacob Ceaser in another Tweet, said “@kanyewest take their space, their glory and grace. There are 100’s of million young people in Africa that are suffering. This could be an opportunity for us to save the world, redeem our society and revive our kingdom again. We are crowned by God and not by humans. FJC”.

The tweet has stirred mixed reactions on the microblogging platform. “After mismanaging the little we had and giving unnecessary freebies, you want Kanye West to come and pump his money for it to be consumed by the greedy few?” a Twitter user @kwamekkwah said.

Others have also decided to pick on Cheddar over his purchase of some tigers a few months ago.

After alarming reports by residents around Avenue Lincoln near the British High Commission at Ridge in Accra, the real estate mogul admitted to having two tigers in his house at Wonda World Estates. He said he brought the animals to help boost Ghana’s tourism.

Relating this to his invitation to Kanye, some Tweeps said “Freedom take ein own buy lions den cubs put for house dey take scare neighbors buh u wan make Kanye West use ein money help Ghana hmm, if ebi u like u go do? Huh“.

See more tweets below of what social media users have to say abput Cheddar’s tweet.