Poverty didn’t give me good look so I struggled in the industry; Delay recounts

Sharing her story, Delay said a lot of people, including industry stakeholders, labelled her unattractive and added that she is not befitting enough to be on Television.

Whilst addressing the youth at a conference in Accra, she said “poverty is not a good thing. Poverty is a killer disease and it is the truth because back then, I was broke, I didn’t have the money to even buy good creams for my skin and clothes to wear so people saw me as unattractive“.

They didn’t think I fitted into their standard for beauty. I wasn’t skinny, tall, fair. I didn’t have the looks that people deemed as the standard looks so I struggled in the industry,” she added.

Speaking on her resilience to empower her audience, she emphasized that “I’m a dragon, I’m a fighter. If I take a look at where I started from the industry, like when I came, people said I didn’t have the looks, I wasn’t beautiful. I keep saying that it was poverty that made me look miserable”.

According to the Delay show host, “there are people who come and Ghanaians decide to show them all the love and fully support the person. In my case, I didn’t have that kind of love and support. Nobody handed fame over to me. I have become Delay because I’m talented and hardworking“.

She concluded that “from the beginning, I thought people hated me but I’ve come to understand that it was a phase I needed to go through to strengthen me. I fought and I went for it so no one can take it away from me“.

Delay currently have one of the most-watched TV shows in Ghana. She has also ventured into business as she has a chain of canned food businesses registered in her name.