Social media accounts directive by Law School unconstitutional — Dafeamekpor

The Director of the School, Yaw Oppong, earlier said the legal profession is a noble one and anybody who intends to practice must be ready to abide by its tenets.

“Everybody will have to provide their social media handles. We are going to look at it and you will be monitored in terms of conduct. We are required by law to make recommendations. We don’t want to stampede you.

“You are going to reapply beyond the pass and submit yourselves for all legitimate checks,” he said.

He disclosed this during the swearing-in ceremony of the School of Law Students’ Representative Council (SRC) executives, urging all students to submit themselves for the character checks before the General Legal Council’s approval if they are indeed prepared to become lawyers and called to the bar.

Dafeamekpor who is a member of the Constitutional, Legal, and Subsidiary Legislation in Parliament, described a directive by the Ghana Law School to the students to submit their social media accounts for monitoring as unconstitutional and unacceptable.

In a statement, he said social media has come to provide a legitimate platform for ordinary citizens to have access to media and a medium for the expression of their views emanating from their conscience and beliefs without any hindrance.

He stated that any effort aimed at taking that freedom of expression and conscience for fear of being victimized is something the Constitution frowns upon and the same must not be allowed to be perpetrated on would-be lawyers.

“It must again be reiterated that these conducts and directives are emanating from the manner through which these students were admitted into the Law School. It can be recalled that these students were compelled in their recent entrance examination, to sign off their rights to challenge results even when they feel the need to challenge same.

“Unfortunately, these incidents are gradually providing power to the administrators of legal education to keep chipping off the rights that are available to would-be officers and practitioners of the law,” he said.

Dafeamekpor indicated that any efforts directed at taking further the rights of Law School students must be resisted, and condemned.