Saglemi housing project to be sold out to private developer – Asenso Boakye

In his statement, he said the government is exhausted and handicapped and can’t make a further commitment to the Saglemi project.

“we’re allowing for a private sector developer to take up the initiative to build and sell the housing units”, he said.

He further indicated that “a committee will be commissioned to guide the process and ensure transparency in the bidding process”.

The Saglemi housing project was started under the NDC government to build 5000 housing units in 2012

But materialize due to the alleged misappropriation of funds, the project has been left to rot.

It’s unclear what the terms and conditions will be between the government and the private developer and what the state stands to gain.

The minister noted that the 1500 units built are currently inhabitable and an amount of about USD46 million is needed to provide water, electricity, and storm drains.

“Government doesn’t intend to expand more on the completion of the project. Government has decided to sell the project” he stated.

According to him, the high court is looking into the issues of embezzlement and anyone found culpable for a crime will be convicted.