Engagement ring: Is it a sign of love or status?

When he says, “will you marry me”, for millions of women around the world this year, it will be the words she’s been hoping to hear her entire life.

But over the years as well, engagement rings have become to many, a huge status symbol. A status symbol for love? Or popularity?

What an engagement ring symbolises

An engagement ring is an important symbol for two people to share. It is a Gabriel & Co. Bridal engagement ring symbol of their dedication, love, and commitment to each other. It is a symbol of the beautiful journey that two people embark upon when they decide to spend their lives together. Whether you choose a modern engagement ring or a more traditional ring, the ring will still represent the wonderful love that you share with your significant other. It is a symbol that will last a lifetime, and it will represent the beauty of your relationship to all of your friends, family, and co-workers.

The engagement ring is in the shape of a circle. The circle has deep meaning and symbolism because it has no end and no beginning, and it represents an infinite love that transcends this life. The circle is also a great symbol of how everything is connected and how two people are brought together in a beautiful and serendipitous way.

The engagement ring is typically worn on the left finger. It is believed that the ancient Romans started this practice. The Romans believed that the left finger contained a vein that was directly connected to the heart, and they called it the “vena amoris” or the vein of love. Wearing the engagement ring on this finger became a symbol of the heart and the love that flowed between a married couple. In many countries, the ring is worn on the right hand. However, in the USA, it is still traditionally worn on the left.

There are many couples that choose to customize their engagement rings to infuse personal symbolism. For example, many engagement rings will include Celtic designs or engraved words to better represent the particular couple’s personal relationship. Other couples will choose birthstone engagement rings as opposed to traditional diamonds. There are many different ways to capture the beauty and elegance of the engagement ring while remaining unique.

If you truly love someone, from the bottom of your heart, then your behaviour towards the person speaks volumes than an engagement ring. However, giving her an engagement ring means you would want to take the relationship to a higher height (marriage).

Ultimately, rings should be an expression of your love, as well as your personal taste and style. This, more than the expense, is what matters.