How to sell Bitcoin in Ghana

Many investors are sitting on the fence with their decision on what to do with their Bitcoin portfolio. Some are still hodling, paying attention to global Bitcoin news, hoping that a miracle is still possible in the nearest time but many are beginning to lose hope in any price surge.

Africans, especially Ghanaians are known as one of the largest users of Bitcoin in the world and this situation has driven most Bitcoin hodlers in Ghana to reconsider their stance. It takes nothing but a good platform to trade your Bitcoin and the purpose of this article is to share the details of how you can easily sell Bitcoin in Ghana.

Where To Sell Bitcoin In Ghana

The increasing demand for crypto trading platforms also created the supply of these platforms. There are numerous online crypto trading platforms in Ghana that offer the services of trading Bitcoin for Ghana cedis but very few amongst them stand out. There are many fraudulent trading apps out there and as a trader, you should always be vigilant not to fall victim to any.

The best crypto trading platform which has been tested and trusted to be the “best amongst equals” in the Ghanaian crypto trading sphere is the Prestmit mobile app. With the Prestmit app installed on your phone and used to swap your Bitcoin to Cedis, you will have the best trading experience you ever imagined.

The Prestmit platform is imbued with the best, current and most innovative trading features one can think of. The platform offers crypto traders a seamless way of trading cryptocurrency for cash.

Some of the unique characteristics that make Prestmit a different brand are the following; ● Swift Customer Service.

● Multiple Payment Options.

● High-Security Protocol.

● High Rates on Digital Assets.

● Live Rate Calculator.

Prestmit has grown to become the first choice of most crypto traders in Ghana because of the high rates the platform offers on all digital asset trades and the security of their assets.

What Is The Rate Of Bitcoin In Ghana?

You may be wondering how much you will get for your BTC in Ghana especially now that the price of Bitcoin is around $20,000.

Before we proceed, you should understand that the rate of Bitcoin is largely dependent on the market forces of demand and supply. Therefore, the rate of Bitcoin is quite volatile due to these forces and can never be a fixed rate.

However, you will still get the best rate on your BTC on Prestmit. You can always check the live rate of Bitcoin using the live calculator on the app.

Currently, you can sell Bitcoin for Ghana cedis at the rate of 730.

How To Sell Bitcoin In Ghana

The interesting thing about trading Bitcoin on the Prestmit app is the ease and simplicity that comes with it. Remember that a good user interface is one of the unique features of the Prestmit platform and this translates to a good user experience for all users of the platform.

The following are the processes of swapping Bitcoin for cash in Ghana;

  1. Download the Prestmit app from Google Play Store or App Store, and sign up with your details.

2. Click on “Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency”

3. Click on “Sell Cryptocurrency”

5. Copy the Bitcoin Address on the Bitcoin Wallet page: If you’re a new user, the system will demand that you generate a standard and permanent Prestmit BTC wallet which is valid anywhere.

6. Confirm Default Fiat Wallet: The default wallet is the wallet where the payment will be made after the transaction is confirmed. In this case, you have to choose Cedis wallet.

7. Receive your Bitcoin from an external address.

8. Wait for the blockchain to give three confirmations on the transaction. Your transaction status will show “PENDING” at this moment. It takes less than 5 minutes.

9. When the trade reads “SUCCESSFUL”, the funds have been credited to your wallet and you can withdraw your fund from your wallet.

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