Moffy, Cozy Pols, Freddie Gambini join forces on new song, Kiddie Time

Musical collective 99 Phaces have joined forces to create an outlet for these patches of memories that we love so much in their latest song. The title of the track ‘Kiddie Time’ which dropped today, gives it all away.

The new single comes ahead of the trio’s upcoming project “So We Made a Tape”.

Moffy, Cozy Pols and Freddie Gambini appear poised to channel that inner childhood exuberance into facing their current adversities as they navigate the engulfing music scene.

The trio walk the listener through journey of young minds wanting badly to be ushered into adulthood. It is set against the backdrop of a curious kids looking to explore every possibility available.

This spans a myriad of routes and the attendant harsh stumbling blocks that may lay ahead such as loneliness, anxiety and hardship. On the Auggie-produced single, the past meets the future.

The artistes, who together constitute the 99 Phases collective, paint the picture of how a rosy journey stretch can turn bumpy. The message is simple, growing up requires a headstrong personality and creative control.

The collective says these words are the inspiration behind ‘Kiddie Time’.

Listen to Kiddie Time here.