NPP man questions Asenso-Boakye over sale of Saglemi housing project

“The Works and Housing Minister should not joke with Ghanaians. The Minister and his advisors should put off the idea as it doesn’t make sense. The government should find money and complete the project and not take Ghanaians for granted,” he said.

“Selling the Saglemi affordable housing project doesn’t make sense. I am pained at this sort of thing. The taxpayer’s money was used to construct over 1,500 housing units and now you want to sell them because you don’t have the money to complete it? Does the private person have more money than the government? Many people in the NPP do not agree with the Minister’s idea to privatize Saglemi project so he should stop it now,” he said on Accra-based Original FM.

“They are many security agencies in Ghana like Police, Prisons whose personnel doesn’t have any place to stay so why don’t you give them a place to them to stay?” he quizzed.

He asserted that instead of the government selling off the Saglemi housing project, it should free up monies used in running ministries and departments and slash government expenditures, and use those monies to complete the project.

The government has decided to wash its hands off the Saglemi housing project to allow a private developer to refurbish the housing units and sell them to potential owners, according to the Ministry of Works and Housing.

The sector Minister, Francis Asenso Boakye revealed this at a meet the press session in Accra on Sunday, November 13, 2022.

He said the government is exhausted and handicapped and can’t make further commitments to the Saglemi project.

On this basis, “we’re allowing for a private sector developer to take up the initiative to build and sell the housing units,” he said.

The Minister asserted that “a committee will be commissioned to guide the process and ensure transparency in the bidding process.”