Stop demanding money from your husband in return for sex- Diana Hamilton to women

The singer in an interview on TV XYZ, also advised women to desist from demanding money and gifts before having sexual intercourse with their husbands.

“If you take money from your husband for sex it means you are a prostitute”, Diana Hamilton has said adding that “If it happens that way then that is prostitution. A woman who does that is equal to a commercial sex worker”, she added.

Diana Hamilton further noted that, even if wives would want to demand money from their husbands in exchange for something, it shouldn’t be sex.

“Why do you have to wait till sex time before you demand money from your husband? Taking money from your husband before sex is not right”, she emphasized.

In her view, the husband and wife are one flesh and love is given without expecting hence since both couples have become one, they have to make love freely and not to sell love.

Speaking to men who also deny their wives the responsibility of providing for them, Diana Hamilton counseled that, men must do everything possible to provide for them to avoid anything that will destroy their marriages.

“And to that man when the woman needs something give it to her”, she insisted.

In 2005, Diana Hamilton got married to Joseph Okoi Hamilton and the two have been together ever since, with her husband (a medical doctor) helping in managing her music career.