A/R: Newborn baby abandoned in a refuse dump in Atasemanso refuse dump

The baby boy believed to have been delivered the same day was found wrapped in a cloth and placed in a black polythene bag.

The lifeless fair-looking baby was discovered by the refuse attendant in the area in the late hours of Thursday.

It was all wails and utter disquiet as residents of Atasemanso watched in dismay the lifeless baby lying amid plastics and other waste materials.

The day-old baby was found with a portion of its umbilical cord still attached to the navel and wrapped in a blood-stained white cloth.

Refuse attendants were on their usual morning routine of sorting out waste when one of them hit their foot against a polythene bag, later found to contain the remains of the unidentified baby.

According to one attendant, “I went into the container myself, opened the polythene bag, and realized it was a fresh baby. It was either the unknown mother who gave birth this morning or in the middle of the night. Looking at the position of the container, it was placed at the back of the bin,”

According to the residents, it is the first of such happenings in the community.

“Since my eighteen years of staying in this community, I haven’t heard or seen anything of this kind here. This is my first time,” a resident at the scene said.

The refuse attendant explained his predecessor had been finding aborted fetuses in the bin.

“The guy who used to look after the bin used to discover aborted fetuses, some of whom were about 2 months old,” he said.

The remains of the baby have since been deposited at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital morgue. Investigations are currently underway by the Police.