Ken Ofori Atta should resign now to save Ghana’s economy – Citizen Ato Dadzie

According to him, the Finance Minister has plunged the country into unsustainable public debt which he thinks is the cause of the economic challenges.

In an exclusive with Samuel Huntor on Ananyosem, Citizen Ato Dadzie said, “The strategies that the Finance Minister has implemented have not worked and he should simply bow out”

“As of now, whatever strategies need to be in the Budget by now have already been instilled and, for me, a new person coming in will be best.”

“A new person with a new mindset may be needed to lead the discussion for the 2023 Budget,” he added.

He further added that there is a crisis manifesting across all facets of social and economic life; noting that people no longer trust the Finance Minister.

He urged the Minister to do the honorable thing by immediately resigning which would allow President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to appoint someone and save an embarrassment

Adding that “if you have somebody who only a few weeks ago indicated that we will never go there now leading the negotiations, that is an untenable position”.