The censure committee request more time to file the report

He said, “Today is the last day that was given to us by Mr. Speaker, hopefully, we will apply to the Speaker for an extension of time to be able to file our report next week, and the purpose of the report is to simply continue the debate on the motion for the vote of censure. And the report will be laid in Parliament hopefully next week Tuesday,”

KT Hammond, a co-chair on the committee also announced that the committee would have to present a draft copy of the report to the Finance Minister to ensure that his responses are properly captured before the full report is tabled before Parliament for debate.

The Minority in Parliament has leveled seven allegations against Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta, hence calling for his removal from office.

The Minister is accused of conflict of interest, gross mismanagement, and recklessness of the economy among others.

The committee was given seven days by the Speaker to probe the censure of motion, which ended on Friday, November 18.

The Finance Minister is yet to know his fate after the committee had presented its report to the Speaker, as to whether the censure of the vote will go in his favor or otherwise.