Education on sexual health heats up on Steamy Nights with Katy G

Katy G with the help of expert Dr Augustine, a chiropractic doctor highlights the do’s and don’ts in your sex life, putting the spotlight on what could be a little too far.

In one of the episodes, the team discussed dangerous positions like ‘Spider’ with a visual display from a male and female model as the show got a little … well steamy.

Dr Augustine then broke down the pros and cons from a male and female perspective using the opportunity to throw light on some sex education when it comes to being adventurous with positions behind closed doors with your partner.

Steamy Nights tackles different topics around sexual health and lifestyle. Stay in touch with Katy G on Steamy Nights every Thursday on MX24TV to improve your knowledge and up your sex game with your partner … or whomever the lucky person may be.

Check the ‘Spider’ sex position below: