8 signs you are not having enough sex

Your relationship started out hot — you couldn’t keep your mind (or hands) off him, and you had sex anytime you could sneak it in. But at a point, all these come to a halt.

Everyone has experienced a dry spell once in a while. Some experience it even when they are dating or married.

There are a lot of changes you’ll experience and even if you don’t openly admit it, you miss sex and you want some action. So if you have been feeling a bit off lately, chances are you are not getting enough of it. Here are some signs:

Your mood swings fluctuate rapidly. You’re often grumpy and easily irritable.

Oxytocin released during an orgasm is known to have positive effects on emotional health and your relationship bond.

Inconsistent sleeping patterns due to constant sex thoughts.

  • You may sexualise everything

Everything seems to stimulate you because you are not getting some.

You put yourself out there to get some attention from the opposite sex. A simple smile from a crush get you thinking of all sorts of naughty things!

You tend to show interest in porn sites and find ways to pleasure yourself.

  • Sickened by love and love stories

You get easily jealous when you see happy couples or watch love stories.

  • A hard time getting aroused

It will take longer for your body to get aroused when playing with yourself or when you eventually do have sex again. If you perform sexual abstinence, where you restrict your body from sexual acts or lose your sex drive.