Kumawood actor Okomfo Kolege loses wife and baby during childbirth

Recounting the incident to Zionfelix, Oteelge said that Okomfo Kolege had refused to attend a program with them because his pregnant wife needed him. He disclosed that Oteelge told him he was expecting his wife to go into labour soon.

“Our brother’s wife is dead. Kolege’s wife is dead. She was going to give birth. God rest her soul. I was listening to Hello FM on Saturday where I first heard the news of Kolege’s wife’s death, I was so shocked. Now I’m in Kumasi. I just came from his house to confirm and its true. The family confirmed. Before that, I went to the lady’s house at Koforidua Tabre together with Otele and it was a sad scene,” he stated in a video spotted on his page.

Zionfelix added that actor, Kolege, is currently inconsolable as he has been struck with two huge loses (his wife and child).

“Kolege is inconsolable. His wife died in the labour ward, together with the baby when they went to give birth. His wife was a nurse and he loved her so much. There is a saying that men don’t cry but my brother has cried his eyes out. We pray God consoles him. If you know him, kindly call him and console him,” he added.

Meanwhile, the burial date for Kolege’s wife has been scheduled for December 17, 2022, at her hometown, Koforidua Tabiri, within the Abuakwa area in the Ashanti Region.