Severe economic hardship has affected church offerings – Mahama laments

According to, he was speaking at the 175th-anniversary thanksgiving service of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Ho when he observed that the enthusiasm during the offering time was low.

“I mean we could tell the hardship in the system from the appeal for funds. When it was ¢2000, madam chair and a few people came and donated, then it came down to ¢1000, then to ¢500, then to ¢200 and ¢100. And when it got to the silver collection, ¢1, ¢2, the place was full, it shows that the pocket was not too good,” Mahama observed.

He went on further to entreat Ghanaians to be benevolent towards their neighbours in these tough times because the hardship is biting hard.

“We must always spread Christian love, especially in this time, when money doesn’t like noise. Especially at this time when we all agree that times are hard. This is the time we must show our Christian charity by loving our neighbours as ourselves.

“And so, whatever little you have to share, you should share with your neighbour,” the former President appealed.

He also appealed for prayers for him and the National Democratic Congress to return to power to remedy the messy economic situation that has befallen the country.

“After we pray for Pakistan, Moderator should also say a special prayer for me and the NDC so that in some year that is just coming, luck will smile on us, God will smile on us and give us the power to come and rescue this country from the suffering we are going through.”

Mahama praised the E.P Church, Ghana for its show of commitment to the development of the country, especially in the areas of education and health.