You can sue tailor, get compensation for failure to sew your dress on time – Law lecturer

According to him, the law recognizes an agreement of timelines between a dressmaker and a client, so failure by the dressmaker to perform his or her part of the bargain amounts to a breach of the agreement for which the client can sue.

“Time of delivery in a contract is a condition. So, if I tell you that I want [a dress] on the 24th; even with that, there are two points in there.

“The time of the delivery and the purpose. I tell you I need my jacket or my attire for Christmas. I tell you I need it by the 24th.

“You decide to deliver by the 1st. You would have breached that agreement that we had and the buyer is entitled to reject it,” Attakora Dwomoh said, as quoted by

He was contributing to a discussion about the rights of a buyer and said that both a buyer and a seller are entitled to certain rights, a breach of which can lead to a lawsuit.

He went further to advocate the creation of more relevant laws to protect the interests of buyers.

Also contributing to the same discussion, private Legal Practitioner and law lecturer at Central University College, Jude Atakora Tufuor said some online transactions are recognized by law while others are not.

He explained that third-party online transactions which use platforms like eBay, amazon and Jumia where the seller is not really known but payments are made and goods delivered are also covered by the Sale of Goods Act, while those on WhatsApp and Facebook are not.