4 health issues that can sabotage your sex life

Multiple reasons can cause this but it could definitely be pointing towards an underlying health condition you need to look into.

It isn’t just reproductive issues that can be a hindrance to your sex life. Many other health issues can contribute to it as well.

In fact, according to psychologists and gynaecologists, a shift in hormones can also lead to a drop in sex drive. One of the most common examples of this is menopause.

Here are some health conditions that can be affecting your sex life and need to be taken care of:

For performing a sexual act, you need to have stamina. This goes both for men and women. But, if you have a heart condition then palpitations, breathlessness, and a lack of energy can restrain you from going ahead with the act.

Obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes can also cause heart issues that might hamper your sex life.

When your overall well-being is in jeopardy, you can’t quite think of sex. Moreover, the medicines that are given also affect the sex drive of the person. Plus, due to chemotherapy and other hormonal therapies, the energy levels are so low that the person can’t think about sex.

We already know that high blood sugar can be extremely harmful to our health. While having sex, blood flows to the reproductive organs and other parts of the body. But, damaged blood vessels hamper the blood flow which has the effect of lowering the libido.

Diabetes is known to cause sexual dysfunction, both in men and women. Not only does it decreases your sex drive, but it also lowers the lubrication which makes it very painful to have sex.

A study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that depression and other mental health issues have devastating effects on one’s sex life. You can face intimacy challenges like difficulties with sexual self-esteem, feeling sexually distant from a partner, trouble communicating about sex, being unsure about how to initiate sex, and a flatlining interest leading to no sex in your life.