Lagos is expected to become the world’s largest city by 2100

At its current growth rate, Lagos is expected to become the world’s largest city by the end of the century. Interestingly, Lagos is not the only African city that is growing fast.

A series of findings and forecasts by research groups such as the University of Toronto’s Global Cities Institute, Environment & Urban Journal, The Whitaker Group, etc., have shown that more than 10 out of the 20 largest cities in the world will be located in Africa come 2100.

“Several recent studies project that Africa will be the only continent experiencing population growth by the end of this century. Thirteen of the world’s 20 biggest urban areas will be in Africa — up from just two today — as will more than a third of the world’s population,” the Washington Post in a special report stated on the matter.

10 African cities that will be the world’s most populous by 2100

  1. Lagos
  2. Kinshasa
  3. Khartoum
  4. Abidjan
  5. Mombasa
  6. Niamey
  7. Lusaka
  8. Mogadishu
  9. Conakry
  10. Monrovia

Major factor driving the growth of these African cities

Population is the main factor driving the growth of African cities. Lagos, which has a population of about 20 million, could surpass 80 million by 2100, and Kinshasa’s population could reach 60 million by the end of the century.

Another critical highlight from the study showed that Africa would grapple with most of the challenges of rapid urbanisation, including infrastructural deficits, and housing challenges, amidst its exponential growth. Experts, however, believe that proper planning can help mitigate these challenges, with many international bodies calling for immediate attention to Africa’s rapid urbanisation.