The President of Kenya plans to be very aggressive with Rebel groups in the DRC

During his first visit to the DRC since he took office, the president noted that the Kenyan troops sent to the DRC would enforce peace as opposed to keeping it.

He admitted that the troops had been briefed to be more hard-handed with entities that have disrupted the peace in the country.

This was the first time the Kenyan president defined the objective of the collation of the East African Community Regional Force (EACRF), as he affirmed that the force’s mission deviated from traditional peacekeeping.

Ruto spoke in Kinshasa, the DRC’s capital after meeting with his host President Felix Tshisekedi, both of whom discussed various issues.

“We are acutely aware that we have many peacekeeping troops in DRC. But from where we sit as a region, we do not think there’s so much peace to keep.” The Kenyan President stated.

“That’s why it is necessary for a peace enforcement contingent under the East African regional force. That is the mandate upon which the Kenyan troops operate in the context of the East African regional force.” He added.

Furthermore, he noted that the conflict in the DRC was not only affecting the country but also its neighboring states, so should be dealt with swiftly.

“Kenya reaffirms its support to restoring peace and sustainable stability in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and the region at large,” he said after both presidents had met in the presidential palace in Kinshasa. “Without peace, no country or individual can have the space to prosper.”