Video of 2 police officers assaulting driver sparks calls on IGP to take action

The incident is reported to have occurred at Asankrangwa, the capital of Amenfi West Municipality in the Western Region.

It is not clear from the video if the dreads-wearing driver had resisted arrest or what exactly transpired earlier, but the officers are seen subjecting him to torturous beatings in a bid to tame him. While at it one of the officers is captured in the video kicking the suspect with brutal for while he begs for freedom, saying the bag in question did not belong to him.

Bystanders filmed the violent incident, while some of them are heard in the background saying that the suspect did not help himself. According to them, they would have expected him to have been humble and have an amicable conversation with the police officers rather than adopting a confrontational posturing.

Unconfirmed reports say the bag in question contained substances suspected to be marijuana. Although the suspect could be heard saying that the bag was not his, he did not mention who it belonged to.

While it will be premature to hold a brief for the suspect, many people have been faulting the police officers for assaulting him instead of charging and taking him to court first.