‘I am still the richest Ghanaian socialite,’ Moesha Boduong discloses

Guys, I am going to make every woman in Ghana jealous not only Ghana but every part of the world and you guys are not going to be having the same Moesha you guys use to have,” she said.

Moesha who has been off social media after her reported mental health challenge emphasised that she will be staging a comeback in December because God has changed her story.

All my haters, all loved ones and everybody that has secretly wished me to fail, secretly wish me to lose everything, secretly wish me not to be the best version of myself and wishing me not to be the perfect Moesha, God has really changed my story,” she said.

Moesha Boduong continued that “and I am still the richest and most wealthiest socialite in the world. You guys are going to be blown away with my performances this christmas and don’t hesitate to call me“.