ECG is abusing monopoly and frustrating Ghanaians

The Electricity Company of Ghana (E.C.G.) is either abusing monopoly or is simply incompetent.

Over the years the state-owned power retailer has delivered abysmal service to Ghanaians and continues to do the same with impunity.

The latest of such bad customer service was displayed in the past few days when citizens of the nation have been crying out about their inability to add credit to their prepaid meters.

The majority of companies, including internet cafés, frozen food stores, and others, have been rendered inoperable as a result.

EGC, on the other hand, told the public that they experienced a technical difficulty and that steps were being taken to resolve it. Two weeks after the matter was purportedly fixed, it returned, demonstrating just how inept E.C.G has grown.

Being a victim myself, I am aware of how annoying it is to spend days sleeping in the dark, inability to charge my phone or laptop for those few days, among other things was really distressing because I work from home and have KPI to meet.

Some people weren’t impacted by the technical so-called difficulties. It appears that those with outdated meters were able to buy electricity without difficulty. Does this imply that the previous meters are superior to the present ones in terms of quality? If so, I believe it is better if we switch back to the older meters.

The so-called new and upgraded meters don’t offer the same free 24-hour extension as the older meters do when the electricity is used up.

Some customers who used the digital method of making purchases on smartphones lost their money without getting the electricity they had paid for, and no explanation has been given for the anomaly.

Because ECG is Ghana’s only power vending firm, it has developed wings and been engaging in thievery.

For emphasis, we want our old meters back if that will bring an end to some of these annoying recurring challenges.

Author: Daniella Arms (Pulse intern)