DIY Recipes: How to make Sausage salad

1 cup hot liquid salt-reduced stock

4 lean low-fat Italian sausages, sliced in 1″ slices

4 large red or green capsicums, sliced into 8 pieces

2 cups green beans, trimmed, halved

14oz can butter beans, drained, rinsed

2 tablespoons low-fat balsamic dressing

Place couscous and hot stock in a large bowl. Cover. Set aside.

Spray pan with oil. Add sausages and cook for 1 minute. Add capsicums and stir–fry for 5 more minutes or until tender. Meanwhile, microwave beans for 2 minutes then add to the pan. Stir-fry for 5 minutes.

Fluff couscous with a fork. Combine couscous with beans, sausage mixture, salad greens and dressing.