Four reasons why you should shop at Accra Mall this Black Friday

Do you want to go running around trying to beat traffic just to chase Black Friday deals all over town??

If you don’t, then maybe you should simply find your way to Accra Mall and do all the shopping you need like the king or queen you are; because every store at Accra Mall has got amazing discount offers just for you this black Friday season!

Not convinced yet? These are four good reasons why you should do all your shopping at Accra Mall this Black Friday season!

Up to 80 percent discounts!

If you snooze, you lose! Don’t slack at all!

Do you remember those prices that intimidated you so much that you didn’t buy that lovely outfit, electronic device or jewellery? Well you can go grab them today at Accra Mall! All stores are offering delicious discounts up to 80 percent off, so now is the time to stock up on groceries, makeup, electronics, clothing, jewellery, perfumes, etc. In fact, maybe you should even try and start shopping for Christmas gifts! You definitely can’t get these deals anywhere else. Waltzing through the stores at Accra mall, you’ve got a wide selection of must-haves that are slashed to the lowest rates for just this Black Friday season!

It’s not just a mall, it’s a lifestyle!

Like I said earlier, a soft stress-free life is your portion! You deserve easy – breezy fun shopping with no hustle. Are you feeling hungry? Just pass through any of the numerous restaurants for a quick lunch.

Even though it’s shopping season, it’s still a working day so maybe you gotta take a break and do some work? Just sit at a cafe, sip on some coffee and croissant as you get it done.

What if you’re not feeling too well? Just get some drugs from the pharmacy or better still, go to the hospital in the mall!

Wait, are you running out of cash? Don’t worry, ATMs and banks are scattered everywhere so just do a quick withdrawal and box on! And don’t worry if you spend all day in Accra Mall, you can still have a fun Fri-yay night seeing a movie at the cinema or you can have a romantic dinner with bae.

Or maybe you’re feeling impulsive? Then definitely book that trip to Santorini!

Come with the family or come with the squad, have fun shopping and make it a hangout as well! Spend your day at the mall trying a new dish or catching up with a friend, or come for the Karaoke party with your squad the night after Black Friday!

It is not just a mall, it is a lifestyle!

Your go-to One-stop Shop!

Accra mall is the epitome of your one-stop shop and every store is offering discounts this Black Friday!

Do you need to shop for groceries for the week? You have no problem!

Need to stock up on makeup? You have options, honey – high end makeup, and cosmetic stores are offering up to 50 percent discounts at Accra Mall!

What about that electronic device you have been eyeing for months? Go get it now!

What do you need? New clothes? Home decor or furniture? Electronics? Food? A gift for a loved one, a forex bureau, banks, insurance or other services? Don’t think too much, Accra Mall has it!

It’s a one-stop shop like no other mall in Ghana! Accra Mall is called ‘the mall with it all’ for a reason!

What are your biggest concerns when it comes to shopping? Is it parking, location? ambience, or security? Accra Mall has it all, be it ample parking, reliable security, very accessible location, variety of choices and amazing customer service!

Accra Mall, located right in the heart of Accra is most loved because of its easily accessible location, expansive parking and varied services. You can shop for literally anything, dine, make bank transactions, catch a movie night, go to the hospital or have a date night at Accra Mall. You can never go wrong shopping at Accra Mall!

This Black Friday, Accra Mall has once again shown that they are famous for a reason as they started their Black Friday sales two weeks before the D-day and are still going strong. They’re also organising a fun weekend Karaoke on Saturday, 26th November, 2022 so do well to pass through and show you karaoke skills!