Ballistics launched in multiple cases of fan violence in Turkish Super Lig

Flare launched in Goztepe vs Altay match

The game was dominated by the home side before it was abruptly interrupted by what is clearly a flare launched from the Altay fans section into the Goztepe area, the intent is unclear, but the outcome was catastrophic with three fans reported injured, including two children.

Two ambulances were rushed into the stadium, with one fan severely injured and needing to be stabilised immediately

Attack on Altay goalkeeper

During the pause in proceedings, a fan from the stands ran into the pitch carrying a corner flag pole over his head, running uninterrupted and directly towards Altay’s goalkeeper Ozan Evrim Ozenc.

The entire stadium had their focus on the ambulance, and the disarray going on in the stands, there was no one to realise early enough what the fan was about to do. He got very close to Ozenc and had two heavy swipes at his head before he was restrained.

As reported by Gurbash Singh Chahal, Ozenc had a haemorrhage after the unfortunate attack and had a 4cm deep cut on his head.

Altay club president on the incident

Altay club president Ayhan Dundar, announced some hours after that Ozenc had a CT scan

“It was a bad event, it was a situation that should not have happened. I saw an explosive material thrown by our supporters and one of the Göztepe supporters during the match, I was very sorry.” said Aydan

“First of all, I wish him a speedy recovery. It is a shameful situation for me.

“I hope it will not happen again, I hope our injured friends there. First of all, they regain their health quickly.”

“We were hurt, it shouldn’t have happened at all, it didn’t suit us.. Especially at the beginning of the match, both incidents are directly related to life, it’s embarrassing, and it’s just tough.

“I just don’t want to say anything else.”

Dr. Caner Çavdar, Deputy Chief Physician at Dokuz Eylul University Hospital on Ozcan

“Ozan Evrim Özenç received every type of intervention in our hospital. His condition is currently stable. However, we must keep him under observation for 1-2 days.” said Dr Caner

Mayhem in Izmir

Both clubs are located in Izmir and brawls broke out outside the stadiums as fans from both sides clashed.

The Governor of Izmir Yavuz Selim Kosger has since issued a statement addressing the unfortunate violence

“Currently, 13 suspects have been arrested. This incident will not be left behind, it will be investigated to the smallest detail.” Kosger promises.

The fans in the stadium were not allowed to leave the stadium up to 5 hours after the incident and there were several incidents of all out brawls inside and around the stadium, with videos captured of fans in the stadium and even one of knife violence after it, leaving several victims.

The game has been abandoned till further notice, criminal prosecutions are expected for suspected assailants and sanctions for the fanbase from both sides.