Kojo Jones earns PhD from Switzerland; says ‘it must impact lives’ (PHOTOS)

There are many holders of academic doctorate certificates across the world. I aspire to be a European Professional Doctorate (EPD) holder with the aim of impacting lives and humanity through practical and sustainable solutions to human problems in Ghana and the entire African continent,” he said.

Transforming and empowering people using effective leadership and business application models will promote real independence and self-sustenance on the continent. And my primary occupation will be to leverage contacts and networks to promote and project industrialization,” he added.

Dr. Jones-Mensah, who reportedly have a political ambition, was on 25th November, 2022 awarded European Professional Doctorate with ‘Distinction in Global Leadership’ at a special 7th convocation ceremony held in Dubai by the Rushford Business School, Switzerland.

The young affluent Ghanaian entrepreneur, is the CEO of Empire Domus Group and Keta indigene. He also runs The Kojo Jones-Mensah (KJM) Foundation which has been the philanthropy arm of his establishment responsible for the provision of potable water, education and women/youth empowerment to underprivileged people and vulnerable communities.

Kojo Jones is one of the rich and famous kids in Ghana. It became more obvious after he held a flamboyant wedding that got Ghanaians talking over him pouring too much money into the ceremony that was held for three days between Kumasi and Accra.

Kojo Jones married Raychel Osei at a ceremony that saw them exchanging vows at the beach. In the books of many, he currently holds the record for holding the most expensive beach wedding in Ghana.