Yango starts a contest to reward a loyal driver with a Renault Stepway

The rules of this competition are simple and straightforward. Yango isn’t new to this type of contest, but this time, the stakes are different.

The rules and deadline of the contest

The first important details are the dates. In this case, Yango drivers can join the contest from the 21st of November to the 18th of December 2022, the last day.

To participate, Yango drivers simply have to register online by typing their phone numbers.

The company doesn’t need any more personal details. Indeed, a valid phone number is all the drivers need to get a chance at the big-time rewards.

Then, it’s business as usual. The Yango drivers will continue picking up rides with one goal: collect as many coupons as possible.

Contestants receive one virtual coupon every 50 rides and, the more one has, the better the chances of getting one of the many prizes.

One drawing takes place every two weeks while the final, grand prize will be assigned only once, at the end of the contest.

There isn’t a time limit to register. In fact, drivers can register any time up to the 18th of December, 2022.

With a bit of luck and tons of patience, someone will end the year celebrating.

Registering for this Yango contest is fast and easy. And it’s worth it. The first prize is a Renault Sandero Stepway. Indeed, that’s correct: the winner gets a brand-new car. This is a SUV and crossover, a car that is perfect to ride on any road and under any conditions. Stylish, comfortable, and tech-savvy, the Sandero Stepway is the ride that any Yango driver dreams of. But there are more prizes.

In fact, almost everyone wins since there are 40 Samsung smartphones at stake. It’s the Samsung Galaxy A23 which features a 6.6 inch touchscreen display, a resolution of 2408×1080 pixels, and the updated software Android 12. The winners of the smartphones will be announced every two weeks.

This contest isn’t only open to existing Yango drivers. Anyone can register to become a driver and then participate in this competition. All they have to do is sign up with all the information and then wait for the local manager to get in touch. So, everyone is welcome, both old and new Yango drivers.

With the first drawing for the Samsung A23 getting closer and closer, Yango is calling out to its fleet and its community of drivers to join this exclusive contest. Who will take home a brand-new car?