5 things your sex life reveal about your relationship

While it’s not a flawless system, your sex life can serve as a barometer for the health of your partnership.

Not only is it a time to connect with your partner, but it’s also a time to be vulnerable, ask for what you want, and try new things.

And, of course, these are all things you should be able to do in a healthy relationship.

Below are a few more things your sex life can reveal — from the good to the bad, to everything in between.

  • You’re doing pretty great

Great sex can happen with pretty much anyone. But if you’re having a wonderful time with your partner, take it as a healthy sign. When a couple is in sync sexually, when their physicality comes from a true bond they have with one another, it speaks to a deep level of vulnerability that can only come from trusting each other and trusting the relationship. If this sounds familiar, you two are probably doing ok.

  • You trust your partner and feel comfortable

While there are plenty of other ways to know your relationship has finally reached a stable place, a fun sex life is one of them. Being adventurous in bed can be a sign that you are open and comfortable. You and your partner trust each other and feel like you can share openly and honestly. And that means doing and trying new things, without feeling embarrassed.

  • Your relationship is becoming a chore

For busy couples, scheduling a romantic night can be a necessity. And that’s totally ok. But if scheduled sex ends up being the only type of sex you have, take note. Scheduled sex could be a sign that your relationship is becoming a chore and spontaneity is lacking. If that’s the case, it may be time to spice things up.

  • You’ve both gotten out of sync

Your sex life can be quite telling in that it says a lot about your connection as a couple. If sex goes from second nature to awkward and embarrassing, it may be you’ve gotten out of sync emotionally. So if things feel awkward, speak up.

  • You’re craving some space

How closely you guys connect during sex can be pretty revealing, too. Do you look at each other during sex? Closing your eyes and imagining a hotter scenario that you keep to yourself probably means that you’re keeping some distance from your partner. While that’s not always the case — because hey, there’s nothing wrong with fantasies — it may be a habit worth looking into.