‘Churches are noisier than pubs’ – Rev Father calls for closure of noisy churches

His outburst follows the cancellation of the licenses of some night clubs operating in the residential areas of Nairobi by the county’s governor Johnson Sakaja, following public sentiments.

Sakaja further issued a directive on November 25, warning that his administration will not issue or renew licenses for night entertainment joints in residential areas henceforth.

The development has triggered calls for an extension of the exercise to noise-making churches, but some Christians have objected to the calls, describing the advocates as atheists and pagans.

But interestingly, Father Charles Kinyua said he supports the closure of churches that disturb the peace of residential dwellers.

“A man made a statement which I support 100%. He said that just as the pubs are blocked from operating in the estates because of noise, the next step should be closing the churches in the estates because why should people worship with a lot of noise? Can’t people worship in silence?

I would see how the hypocrites were castigating him, but the guy had a point. Today, churches are noisier than pubs, that is the truth,” he said in a video that has been making the rounds on social media platforms.

The phenomenon of churches carrying out their activities using loud public address systems that disturb residents of the areas they are situated, even at night, has been a long-standing problem, with incessant calls on churches to respect the rights of other people of society to enjoy peace and silence.