Refund Ghc115,000 ‘illegal mining’ money you collected – Destooled chief fights Okyenhene

He added that the money was paid from the account of the community opened to collect contributions from miners in the community mining scheme for social corporate responsibility interventions, and was duly collected and acknowledged by the Ofori Panin Fie. reports that the destooled chief addressed the media Wednesday and said that if the Judicial Committee chaired by Okyenhene Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panin describes the community mining program as illegal mining, for which reason he was destooled, then it is only fair that the Ghc115,000 is refunded.

“As part of a corporate social responsibility agreement the community has with the miners which Xtra Gold is privy to, some mandatory monies were paid by the miners and which is lodged in an accredited account in the name of the community. Asamang -Tamfoe recognizing and acknowledging the throne of the Ofori Panin forked out 115,000 Ghana cedis on 7/10/2022 as goodwill money to Ofori Panin Fie,” Nana Boakye Darkwa as quoted by the news website.

Before his destoolment over illegal mining aka galamsey, Nana Boakye Darkwa wielded so much power within the Akyem Abuakwa traditional area as his title, Benkumhene is a traditional military title for the leader of the left-flank army of the state.

He however got into trouble with the overlord of the traditional area when his men clashed with the illegal mining taskforce that has the blessing of the Okyenehene, sparking gunfire exchanges in Asamang-Tamfoe a few days ago.

When the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council summoned him to respond to allegations that he was involved in illegal mining, Nana Boakye Darkwa declined.

“People of Foreign descent have been allowed and in conjunction with the chief of the town and sub-chiefs are dangerously engaging in illegal mining so close to the only portable source of good drinking water-the Tamfoe river. Some of the mining sites almost end within the river bed causing so much discomfort and damage to the residents.

“It is rumoured that the chief Nana Kwame Koh II himself is part of the illegal miners and indeed on 19 October 2022, 5 excavators were sized under an operation mounted by over 25 soldiers and carried away. One of the excavators is alleged to belong to the chief,” a petition by a group of residents in the community calling itself Concerned Citizens of Asamang Tamfoe to the Akyem Abuakwa judicial council on November 9, 2022, said.

The now-destooled chief had called a press conference after the violent clash between his men and the anti-illegal mining taskforce where he called the bluff of Okyenhene Amoatia Ofori Panin, warning the taskforce never to step in his jurisdiction or face his wrath.

Nana Boakye Darkwa eventually appeared before the traditional council on 21st November 2022 for a hearing. After being asked several tough questions the Benkumhene admitted guilt and lied prostrate to apologize to Okyenhene and the Akyem Abuakwa traditional council for his conduct.

However, his show of remorse didn’t exonerate him entirely. The Okyenhene who chaired the Akyem Abuakwa Judicial Council himself ordered that he be destooled.

“The destruction of lands and water bodies going on at Asamang-Tamfoe, are you happy?” the Okyenhene asked the Benkumhene, as quoted by “You did something wrong and Okyenhene called you and you refused to come, because of galamsey all our water bodies are destroyed in even Kyebi here, the same as Tamfoe, I am not interested in mining, I hate it.

“I order that the Benkumhene should not remain as the Benkumhene because he has defied the orders that I instructed the task force to protect the Akyem lands from all illegal mining activities.”

some customary rites to destool Nana Darkwa were performed in the presence of the Kyebi Executive Council and the Chief of Asamang-Tamfoe Nana Kwame Koh II.

“The customary rites were performed by Okyenhene’s chief linguist Okyeame Antwi Boasiako on a stone referred to as ‘Bonsambuor’ at the forecourt of the Ofori Panin fie to symbolise the destoolment of the Benkumhene of Asamang-Tamfoe Nana Darkwa,