Saudi Arabia team denies receiving Rolls Royce gifts following World Cup win against Argentina

It has now emerged that the rumour originated from an ill-informed Pakistani dentist and social media influencer, who spread the story on Twitter where it picked up traction.

Saudi Arabia national team coach Renard, has also gone on record to deny the story, stating that his players are not in line to receive the rumoured luxury gifts.

The 54-year-old Frenchman was quoted to have said in a press conference: “There is nothing true about this. We have a very serious federation and ministry of sport and it is not the time to get something at this moment.”

“I don’t know if you remember the press conference before Argentina. I said the Argentina game is one of the three important games we have to play.

“The only good thing at the end of this group stage is to finish No. 1 or No. 2.” Renard added.

Another player in the Saudi Arabia team has also denied the story in a press conference recently.

‘It’s not true. We are here to serve our country and do our best. That is the rewards.’ the Saudi Arabia striker Saleh Al-Shehri said during a media conference prior to their game against Poland after he was asked by a reporter about the Rolls-Royce that he was allegedly getting and what colour he was choosing.

What is however true, is that Saudi Arabia fans celebrated at home after the win against Argentina as they were rewarded with a public holiday.

But the team fell to a 2-0 defeat to Poland on Saturday, leaving Group C wide open.