Danny List urges black golfers to be more vocal to motivate young talents

Daniel List believes that when people of colour are vocal about the sport and its positives, it can help motivate a lot more young people to pursue a career in it.

“Not only do I want to see more black golfers, I want to see black golfers be more vocal and be a lot more proactive about getting other black golfers into the game,” he told Citi Sports.

“You know every black golfer’s dealt with this and noticing the fact that there’s not enough diversity in golf, when you go professional and you have the platform to talk about how we should have more young black kids, [do it].”

He also called on black golfers to use the platforms they have now as professionals to talk more about golf and the challenges they face rather than being silent.

“The issue of diversity is very prevalent in golf currently. A lot of golfers don’t want to ruffle any feathers and don’t want to say anything that might get [them] in trouble. It’s your people, you need to stand up and try and make the difference you talked about,” he added.