God loves sexy women – Moesha Buduong claps back at trolls

She was spotted in a series of videos declaring her love for Christ and her desire to win souls for God’s kingdom as a testament that God has been faithful to her for sparing her life after she was nearly used for rituals.

However, the repented actress, who rededicated her life to Christ Jesus back in 2021, seems to be swaying away, this is according to observers on social media.

In one of such comment, an Instagram user @quefio_the_pluff wrote: “The Christianity not dey pay err.”

An unperturbed Moesha in a smooth clap-back explained that there was nothing wrong with her dance moves or the choice of song that was playing in the background.

“God loves sexy women,” she wrote.

Moesha’s caption to a viral video read: “May we all begin to find and do what really makes us great at our talents and may God bless anyone making money from their talents amen.”

The socialite took the internet by surprise when she announced that she had repented in a video on social media.

In another viral video spotted on social media, repented Moesha Boduong was seen confessing some of the wild things she has done in the past remorsefully apologized to Ghanaians saying “I am sorry Ghana and I apologise for introducing young girls to rich married men. May God forgive me for my sins”.

A few weeks after Moesha Buduong announced her repentance in a trending social media video as she shared her testimony in a Church. For her new life.