It’s my honest truth- Eno Barony responds to being controversial in her songs

According to her, she is satisfied with the fact that her being called controversial is related to her music and not anything else. She also added that she was knows she is at a place that everything she does raises conversations.

In answering Olele Salvador question of if being controversial was a strategy she uses, since in the industry you either come through controversy or use a particular strategy.

Eno said, “I never knew I was controversial…it’s people who mention my name and say I’m a controversial rapper. Me I just do me and I give it to management and they feel like this is cool, let’s put this one out and when it comes, it raises conversations.”

She also mentioned that the lines from her rap songs people term as controversial is sometimes a question she also wants an answer to.

The singer during the interview disclosed how she was perceived as the devil after entering the music scene by some family members.

The rapper indicated critics assumed she threw away all the religious beliefs instilled in her when she was a child.

According to the ‘Heavy Load’ artiste, she was brought up to believe piercings, perming of one’s hair, and wearing trousers were all wrong.

“I was born without piercings. I pierced my ear when I was in tertiary. They didn’t pierce me. When I go home, I don’t wear earrings, I don’t wear necklaces, I don’t wear trousers.

“My religious background is strict, but we didn’t even have to perm our hair and stuff. So, it’s like a lot of people think I am the devil now. The petty things that they want to relate to the devil is something that I don’t see as a sin,” she disclosed.

She also added that her recent single, ‘Don’t Judge Me’ with Bishop Duncan William’s son, Daniel Duncan-Williams, was not to oppose their parents, who are pastors.

Eno added that she has seen preacher’s kids who have talents but are scared to harness them because of their families, citing herself as an example.

“Aside from myself, I have seen pastors’ children who are talented and want to do something music-wise. As I am, I will just say my father is okay with me and that not everyone in my family is okay with me doing music,” she added.

Eno Barony is a Ghanaian rapper known for her amazing and jaw-dropping rap bars. It has been observed by fans of the rapper that she always has controversial lines in her songs.