I don’t own a house in the US – Anthony Karbo debunks Kennedy Agyapong’s allegations

In a statement copied to the media, the ex-lawmaker said the allegations of corruption against him is non-existent.

“I wish to state categorically that I own no such property in the USA as alleged and the claim of impugning corruption against me is non-existent”, he wrote.

Anthony Karbo also denied that he is engaged in tribal politics as alleged by the maverick Kennedy Agyapong.

Karbo wrote that, at a meeting held between him and Agyapong, all these allegations were refuted, adding that he is not into tribalism and does not own any properties in America.

According to Karbo, the engagement with the NPP firebrand in the presence of K T Hammond, Fred Oware and Dr Gideon Boako was in the interest of brokering peace and unity among brothers and not to fault anyone for apology.


I have become aware of a viral audio recording of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong in which the MP was campaigning in the Upper East Region. The audio, among other things, attempted to accuse me of embarking on tribal campaign, impugning corruption on my part as a former MP and deputy minister and suggested underhand dealings of persons believed to be working for Vice President to prevent the Hon. Kennedy Agyapong from meeting party members in the North.

In the interest of party unity and peace, a meeting was arranged with Hon. Kennedy Agyapong to delve into the accusations/allegations and also clarify the misinformation. The meeting was attended by KT Hammond, Fred Oware, Dr Gideon Boako and myself.

It was a good and fruitful meeting and in the end, it was clarified at the meeting that, I, Anthony Karbo had NOT embarked on any tribal campaign as alleged and wish to put on record that TRIBAL POLITICS is not part of my personality and political activism. All my life I have enjoyed the support of persons irrespective of where they hail from and reciprocated same.

The Hon. Kennedy Agyapong himself will attest to this fact given my long-standing relationship with him spanning decades, which is public knowledge.

I wish to state categorically that I own no such property in the USA as alleged and the claim of impugning corruption against me is non-existent.

It was also clear that none of the associates of the Vice President or myself had attempted to influence any party official in the North not to attend the meeting called by Hon. Kennedy Agyapong.

Also, contrary to a published story on Net2tvonline that the meeting was a platform for me and the Vice President’s office to apologise to Hon Kennedy Agyapong, I wish to state without equivocation that no one at the said meeting apologised to the other. It was a brotherly family meeting intended to clear the misinformation and both pledging to organise ourselves in a more peaceful and decorous manner as we approach the internal contest.

We are one family and commit to unite in one accord for the betterment of the New Patriotic Party.

Fmr. MP and Deputy Minister