Angry Samuel Eto’o kicks Algerian YouTuber in the face at 2022 World Cup (Video)

Eto’o was exiting the stadium when he was approached by some fans to take selfies, to which he duly obliged.

The victim of the assault, Said Mamouni, also approached the Cameroonian legend while filming him on camera and said something to him.

What the Algerian YouTuber said was not audible but it appeared to have irked Eto’o, who chased him around and kneed him in the face.

Meanwhile, Mamouni has now confirmed that he asked Eto’o if he bribed the referee who officiated the World Cup playoff game between Algeria and Cameroon some months ago.

He also revealed that he has reported the incident to the Qatari Police after his camera was destroyed in the process.

“I’m at the police station to file a complaint against Eto’o, he hit me and someone else with him pushed me and destroyed my camera,” said Mamouni.

“I asked him how is Bakary Gassama [African World Cup playoff referee], and if he gave him a bribe, he hit me and destroyed both my camera and mic, I know I will take my rights here in Qatar as it is a state of law, he did hit me in the chest and the face and in my elbow.”

Eto’o is yet to publicly react to the incident.