Chaos in Senegalese parliament as violent male MP slaps female colleague

A video circulating online shows opposition member of parliament Massata Samb leaving the podium and waking over to Amy Ndiaye Gniby of the ruling Benno Bokk Yakaar coalition before hitting her on the head.

In self-defence, Gniby threw a chair back at Samb, in a desperate attempt to retaliate but other MPs intervened to avert an escalation of the violence.

The lawmakers however exchanged blows before the situation was finally brought under control, a development that necessitated a suspension of the proceedings temporarily.

It is reported that Samb was on the floor speaking when he heard a comment by Gniby and reminded her that it was disrespectful. But she retorted that she didn’t care.

Samb then became furious, cut short his speech and crossed over to the other side of the house to physically attack his female colleague.

The chaos is not the only thing the Senegalese parliament has in common with the Ghanaian counterpart. In July, the country held parliamentary elections in which the incumbent Benno Bokk Yakaar coalition lost a comfortable majority and there has since been tension in the house just like in the case of Ghana.

Interestingly, such incidents are considered to be characteristic of parliaments across the world, so there are hardly consequences for those who engage in them.