I’m a huge fan of Black Sherif – Akon professes love for the young talent

The Lonely hitmaker said a lot of positive things about Black Sherif’s career including how his hunger for success reminds him( Akon) of when he was also coming up in the industry adding that he may end up signing the 20-year-old singer if need be.

“This kid is going to be something stupid and if no major picks him up, they need to get to him before I do.”

According to the business mogul, he was sold from the first time he was put on Blacko’s sound by his Malian friend.

“I’m a huge fan of Black Sherif, he reminded me of the energy of myself when I first came out, you could literally hear the pain, the struggle and the challenges in his voice whenever he sings.”

For him, Blacko’s message is one that depicts the desperation to succeed among the younger generation on the African continent.

“He is currently the voice of the youth in Africa,” he added.

Akon also recounted the first time he heard Black Sherif’s song and how it made him feel.

“ I was in New York City when a friend of mine named Bako from Mali played his song and I was like yo, Who the F was that? Bro, like you, can hear in his voice, like, you can feel the pain, the struggles, you hear the challenges but you can hear a ghetto kid just wanting to get out.”

Blacko has had a great two years especially since the release of his album, The Villain I Never Was and has also won public praise for its versatility, drive and intricate message.

He recently held his debut concert in the United Kingdom followed by a performance at the 2020 MOBO Awards which has been widely received as a riveting one.

He was adjudged the 2022 Artiste of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards UK.

He has collaborations with Burna Boy, Stormzy, and Sarkodie among other big wigs in the music scene. Blacko is differently winning and we are here for it.

Watch the interview below.