Kalybos gave me my name – Ahuofe Patri

According to her, the popular series was not planned from the beginning, but was rather a way to practice skills they learned in school which became popular after the first few episodes were posted online.

she mentioned how Kalybos gave her the name “Ahuofe Patri” due to her beautiful looks while on set making their record-setting skit.

Ahuofe Patri again took time to address the rumoured love affair with Kalybos, indicating that they have agreed to give birth if both of them remain single after two years.

“We have come to an agreement that, after two years, if I don’t have a lover and he also does not have one, we will have a child,” she said.

“So, watch out; if you don’t hear that either Kalybos or myself is married, we will have a baby coming out,” Ahoufe Patri said, adding, “We will probably start paying attention to each other. We are in each other’s plans.”

Ahoufe Patri and Kalybos segued into the limelight through the popular comedy series ‘Boys Kasa’ which aired in 2014.

In time past, netizens hoped for the actors to be in some sort of relationship because of how well they gelled when on set.