Man arrested for beating wife to death for returning home late

Kasarani Police boss Anthony Mbogo confirmed the arrest, saying that the suspect was being held at Kasarani Police station.

“They also arrested the suspect who was taken from Githurai 44 police station and is currently held at Kasarani Police station,” Anthony Mbogo is quoted to have said in an interview with local media.

According to reports, the suspect hit the now-deceased wife, Florence Kaari on the head with a blunt object, leaving her severely injured. She died as a result of the assault.

The unfortunate incident reportedly occurred in the presence of the couple’s househelp, Ruth Kaimenyi on December 4, 2022.

The witness told police detectives that the suspect arrived home drunk on that fateful day and became furious after learning that his wife had returned home.

“I told him that she had not arrived, and she told me to get out of the house as he threatened me that I will know that we were living in his house,” Kaimenyi told the police, as quoted by

The suspect, out of anger, locked out the househelp until the deceased arrived home and she told her about the husband’s violent behaviour and threats.

However, Florence proceeded to knock on the door to her matrimonial house and the suspect opened the door and let her in.

It is reported that a fight erupted immediately after she entered the room, with Kaimenyi watching on helplessly until the unfortunate happened.