Wayne Rooney reacts to Ghanaian MP Isaac Adongo mocking Harry Maguire

Speaking on the floor of Parliament, he compared Ghana’s bleak economic situation to the defending of Maguire, who is the captain of Manchester United.

Reacting to this in his column in The Times, Rooney said Maguire has been outstanding in the ongoing Qatar 2022 World Cup.

He further described Mr Adongo’s utterances as “crazy”, adding that the England defender is currently doing well.

“On social media this week I saw someone in the Ghanaian parliament making fun of Harry Maguire,” Rooney wrote in his column.

“It was crazy, because Harry has been outstanding at this World Cup. I predicted he would do well – because he always does well for England and never lets Gareth Southgate down. He’s simply a very good defender with a strong mentality.”

Last week, Mr Adongo’s speech on the floor of Parliament gained the attention of the international media after he ridiculed Maguire and compared his performance to Dr Bawumia.

“Harry Maguire, he’s a defender. He was tackling everybody and throwing his body everywhere. He was seen as the best defender in the world. Manchester United went and bought him,” the MP said.

“He became the biggest threat at the centre of the Manchester United defence, tackling Manchester players and giving assists to opponents

“Mr. Speaker, you remember in this country we also have an economic Maguire. We’re clapping saying this man is the best in managing foreign terms. Mr Speaker why we gave this Maguire the opportunity to be at the centre of our defence? He became the rest of our own goals. Our economic Maguire is taking control of the fundamentals of our economy and destroying all of them.”

Meanwhile, Maguire has been ever-present in the England team that has reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup and will face Germany on Saturday for a place in the last four.