Appointment Committee recommends approval of 2 Supreme Court judges

In its 27th report on the nomination of judges to the Supreme Court submitted to the House, the Committee said “the nominees demonstrated dexterity in the knowledge of the law and showed character and competence.”

It said the two nominees pledged to interpret the law without fear or favour and eschew partisanship in their rulings.

“The Committee, therefore, recommends to the House by consensus, the approval of Justice Barbara Frances Ackah-Yensu and Justice Samuel Kwame Adibu Aseidu as Justices to the Supreme Court of Ghana.

“The Committee also requests the House to adopt its report and approve the nominees as Justices to the Supreme Court,” the report said.

The other two justices whose names were excluded from the approval report were Justices George Kingsley Koomson and Ernest Yao Gaewu.

All four Justices were vetted on October 18 and 19 for consideration to be named Justices of the Apex Court.