The threat of external invasion by criminal gangs in the Central African Republic

In this regard, Central African military expert, Sylvain Nguema, spoke about the security situation in the Central African Republic “We hear calls for the destabilization of the Central African Republic, both economically and in terms of security. Some of these calls are heard in the demonstrations of some political opponents present in Paris, which causes discontent among the population of the Central African Republic” said Sylvain Nguema.

Alexander Ivanov, Head of the Officers Union for International Security also expressed his opinion about the possible threat to the security of the CAR and strongly condemned all those who are trying to destabilize the country.

He said in a statement, “I strongly condemn any hatred and any attempt to undermine security in the Central African Republic. The people of the Central African Republic are united in their desire to live in peace and development, and they have confidence in their national army, which is ready to defend its citizens against the imminent threat from beyond its borders,” said Alexander Ivanov.

The military expert went on to talk about armed groups, noting that he has good reason to believe that there are training camps in the territories of neighboring countries for militants and terrorists who are being trained to attack the Central African Republic. These militants are financed and armed, and he stressed that these supply lines must be investigated internationally to find out exactly who is behind them.

The international community has a responsibility to support Central Africans’ aspirations for peace, not only in word but also in deed. The immediate cessation of financial and arms support to the militants and terrorists threatening the Central African Republic must be implemented. In addition, the security forces allied with the Central African Republic must ensure the dismantling of training camps located on the borders with the Central African Republic,” said Alexander Ivanov.

Regarding the strength of the Central African Republic and its internal security, Mr. Nguema reassured the people that the forces of the Central African Republic are powerful and can withstand any threat to the security of citizens “I want to assure that the population should not give in to panic. This is one of the enemy’s tactics. The enemies forget that the Central African Republic is now, thanks to our work and the support of allies, we have a strong force. Intelligence is working well, we are monitoring threats to be ready to protect our people. We remain vigilant and calm, and that makes us stronger. The nation is now more united than ever because we all know what we want for security and peace,” said Sylvain Nguema.

The Central African Republic is in a state of security and stability under President Touadera and the current government.