Top 7 African countries to visit this holiday

As countries starts to ease the travel restrictions, we remain optimistic that the sector will rebound to allow for tourism growth in the region. In the meantime, here are the top 10 African countries to visit this holiday.

Egypt is an ancient country dating back to the prehistoric age. Some of the major tourist attractions in Egypt include its ancient city Cairo, a major hub for international trade, and the Egyptian pyramids, which draw millions of sightseers each year.

Other tourist attractions in Egypt include the Luxor temple and all Pharaohs’ tombs dating as far back as the stone age. Egypt has recently opened its doors to tourists.

Having hosted the first FIFA World Cup on African soil in 2010, South Africa continues to pull in millions of tourists each year. Since 2015, the country has continuously witnessed over 10 million tourist visits annually.

Cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg are modern cities built on the rich culture of the South African people. The country is also home to the Kruger National Park, a renowned tourist destination for safari visitors.

Tanzania is definitely one of the top tourist destinations on our list. The country has so many natural tourist attractions ranging from water bodies to wildlife and mountains.

The East African country’s destinations, including Zanzibar and Pemba, still retain their position as top diving spots anywhere in the world. Additionally, the Serengeti National Park, alongside South Africa’s Kruger and Kenya’s Maasai Mara, is regarded as the best safari destination on the continent.

This list will be incomplete without mentioning Mount Kilimanjaro (also located in Tanzania), the highest peak in Africa with about 6,000 metres (almost 20,000 feet).

Zimbabwe may be landlocked, but it makes up for its beach absence with several landmark choices. Located in Southern Africa, Zimbabwe is home to diverse wild animals making it a top destination for safari in Africa.

When you bring Victoria Falls into the picture, which ranges 1,708 metres in length from Zimbabwe to Zambia, this country’s tourism potential is in a different league.

Kenya is one of the most visited countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, thanks to its wildlife diversity and tourist sites. The country is beginning to open its tourist attractions as vaccines become more available. The tourism sector is upbeat this year with increased hotel bookings and fully booked buses, trains, and flights as Kenyans gear up to celebrate christmas holiday.

Mauritius is a beautiful island nation right in the Indian Ocean. Visiting Mauritius is understandably more expensive than many African countries. Yet, the more money is worth it.

Mauritius offers tourists the absolute tropical getaway and much more. Right here, you can go for a safari during the day. And when you are back, you can enjoy the evening breeze right by the shore. There is no end to the array of activities that can be enjoyed here as there are huge mountains that hikers can also visit.

Zambia is a very beautiful country that is also quite affordable to visit. The country also shares the Victoria Falls with Zimbabwe, which is the largest waterfall on the planet.

The Southern African country is home to Devil’s Pool, a famous landmark popular for its beautiful views. Also, Zambia is home to amazing wildlife such as giraffes, hippos, and a wide variety of birds.