US-based Ghanaian escapes death after being caught with an alleged gay partner at Nima

In a strict Muslim-dominated community, homosexuality is abhorred and frowned upon, with dire consequences for offenders.

So keen eyes were on Adams when he arrived in Ghana a few months ago, when a male friend visited him one day, the youth in the community monitored their every move until he took his friend home and to his room.

Not satisfied, however, the irate youth who had been monitoring Adams and his friend, stormed his house with the accusation that his visitor was his gay partner. Some also claimed they caught the two men red-handed fondling each other.

In the ensuing confrontation, Adams managed to escape, running away for his dear life, and hasn’t returned to his house or the community since.

Luck, however, wasn’t on the side of his alleged partner who didn’t know the neighbourhood so well to also run, he was apprehended and beaten like a thief, his clothes torn into shreds before being let go when he could barely walk.

According to a source close to Adams’ family, he is either hiding in a hotel or has returned back to the USA, afraid he may never come back to his own community again.