For women: How to make your man propose this festive season

You picture how it will happen under the stars one day or in a fancy restaurant somewhere on holiday, maybe even at home one cosy evening when it’s just the two of you.

You want that moment to be special and part of the planning means synchronizing every detail, including the date.

This festive season is one of the most romantic times of the year, which makes it perfect for a proposal.

The holiday mood already feels ripe for romance but then, what happens if you’re hoping to get a proposal before next year but time is running out?

Sometimes a man needs a bit of a nudge to take the relationship to the next level so here’s what you can do:

The first thing you need to check on is if you’re actually ready to be a wife. Many women want to get married just to get the ring and the title of being a married woman but, that isn’t what marriage is about.

You need to reflect on what the right qualities are, whether you’re confident you have them and if you want to be proposed to this season for the right reasons.

If your man can see that you’re ready, he will be more motivated to take the next step.

You also need to be sure that he is in the right season of his life to think about marriage. A man needs to be mentally, emotionally and financially ready to be someone’s husband so this is really important.

If it happens that you nudged him to propose, and he actually does but he’s not ready, it won’t work out that well for the both of you.

You could also try and refresh his view on marriage so that he sees it’s the right time to propose. You could talk about how wonderful it would be to finally start a family soon or move in together in a way that will get him thinking. Hopefully, he will pick up the hints and propose.

  • Have a conversation about it

It might also be best to just deal with this issue head-on. There is nothing wrong with addressing some of the fears you might have like wanting to have kids at a healthy age but only after marriage, for example.

Just choose a suitable time to talk about it and let your man know the reason why you are hoping for a proposal soon.

The last step is to give him time to think about it or even plan for it. You would want the proposal to feel natural rather than forced so you have to allow him time to decide what his next move is.

Don’t continue to throw hints and force conversations about marriage because if it is meant to happen, it will.2