The age you have the best s*x according to research

Research suggests an entirely different age when you will experience the best sex. It’s not your 30s, but your 50s or 60s! Stunned? We are too.

But let’s know why this age can get us to experience the best climax.

A recent study has observed that people falling within the age bracket of 60 to 66, experience the best sex. Single women feel immense pleasure when they are 66 and for men, it’s 64. If the couple is well, healthy and active, they can easily feel pleasure during sex, especially for women, after their menopause.

Sex in your 20’s and 30’s

During the 20s, people feel very insecure about their bodies and the same can be felt during sexual intercourse, when people have to go bare all in front of their partner. They feel very conscious about their looks, performance in bed etc. and this affects their ability to concentrate on sex at the moment.

When your body changes day by day, sex also changes. Navigating through menopause, sickness and lethargy, people start experiencing different kinds of changes that either affects sex in a positive or negative way. But quite interestingly, sex becomes quite enjoyable after a certain period of time.

Sex may not be the same kind of wild when you were 20, but having sex in your 50s or 60s means you take your time adjusting to the sex. This further means better foreplay and getting to feel each sensation slowly. And slow sex is always a charmer.

Sex isn’t only about sexual penetration. It’s so much more. But that’s a mistake most people make. Focusing only on penetration lets them forget about the other ways of sex that takes time but are very sensual and pleasurable. You will be surprised to know how satisfying sex can be when penetration is not the goal. The old people certainly enjoy it thoroughly.