‘We are only doing our job’ – GRA replies Michael Blackson’s exorbitant duties comment

Michael claimed that the clothes he bought were worth $10,000, but customs asked him to pay another $10,000 for clearance fees or the items would be auctioned off.

“I have cousins in Ghana with no jobs and no income. Because the country lacked jobs, they wanted to open a store if I could help.

“I purchased about $10k of items and when they arrived thru DHL, customs said they will need to pay $10k to retrieve them. IT MAKES NO SENSE @GhanaRevenue,” he fumed.

While lamenting his ordeal, he advised people abroad to be prepared to spend so much on shipping to Ghana.

“If you are planning on shipping anything to Ghana, be prepared to pay a duty fee as high as the thing you shipped and if you don’t pick them up in a timely fashion they will auction your belongings. Why @GhanaRevenue?

Reacting to the comedian’s claim about their exorbitant duties, GRA explained that they use the Harmonized System (HS) Customs Code to classify goods and that tariffs are based on value (ad valorem) or weight or volume (specific) which and are subject to change.

“Ghana currently uses the Harmonized System (HS) Customs Code to classify goods. Tariffs are based on value (ad valorem) or weight or volume (specific) and are subject to change. Most goods, unless they are totally exempt from customs duties, are subject to an import duty” GRA said in a tweet.

They also added that; “Value Added Tax (VAT), and certain other fees and charges. The import duty is assessed on the Cost Insurance Freight (CIF) value of the good. The VAT and other fees and charges are assessed on CIF + duty”.

While defending their selves the GRA mentioned that they were only doing their job and advised the comedian to report it anywhere he is comfortable with evidence of extortion.

“Duty on imported goods is calculated based on what the Customs Law directs. We are only doing our job. if you have any evidence of extortion, report it anywhere you are comfortable”.

Meanwhile the popular comedian and actor has been officially unveiled as the host of Countdown Africa 2022 to be held In Ghana to end the year in grand style.

The event is to complete the list of exciting activities planned and executed throughout the year helping place Ghana and the rest of the continent on the global stage, and also showcase the unification of the continent.

This year’s theme is Firework of Hope and will be hosted at the Osu Castle Garden, Black Stars Square on December 31.